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Tuesday 17 June 2014

Kathleen Wynne: Moving Ontario Forward Means Leaving No One Behind

This is why I love Kathleen Wynne. 
Politics is all about winning.  Winning, by definition, implies losers.  This is why partisan politics has devolved governance into a spectator sport where tribes compete for their fans, but most people don't tune in.
Governance is not about winning - it's about leadership.  Leadership doesn't pick winners and losers, it creates the conditions for shared solutions.
Wynne excels at this.  She always has.  She will be as committed to developing shared solutions that reflect the community voices represented by other Parties with a majority government as she was with a minority.
And as she said when she won the Ontario Liberal leadership - if her partners refuse to collaborate, she'll beat them.  She's already proved she knows how to do that, too.


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