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Thursday, 15 May 2014

Singularity (Renewed)

The reality is messier than that.  Singularity, you see, isn't a fictional concept - it is the world of the real.  

Plato's Cave and a world beyond our perception?  The Matrix, with our creations surpassing us?

We've been the butterfly all along - cells in the cosmos, which is not an aggregate of silos but a system. The mass of our bodies was consumed, gets expelled, becomes other forms.  

It's a tough thing, realizing we're not separate, but part of a greater whole.  When we consciously accept this, though, we will spend less time trying to be what we're not and more time becoming what we have it in ourselves to be.

That is when we'll truly be free.

UPDATE: There are two of them.

One, I thought this was rather interesting:

The demon is within us all - anger as a genetic disposition that we can control when we accept that we're all part of the same species.  Sounds a bit like Original Sin and finding salvation through a god, doesn't it?

An unintended consequence of the whole individualist movement and free market capitalism is that we have all become increasingly competitive with each other - not a state humans were ever designed to live in.  But then, who could have predicted how far we'd grow?

That's thing 1.  Thing two is this.

I've read some reviews that pan the trailer as simplistic, earth-huggy and dull.  To me, it's anything but. 

The themes teased through the trailer are ancient, current and transcendent - the whole as more than the sum of its parts, inheritance, responsibility, growth, outgrowing, death, emergence, return.

Does it all connect?

Of course it does.  Just think how awesome it would be if we could fathom how.

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