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Saturday 26 April 2014

Contempt in Parliament

The committee, which consists of partisan MPPs following marching orders from their Centres.

It's pretty easy to understand what the opposition Parties want; they want to make the governing Liberals look at bad as possible.  Why?  To try and encourage voters who previously supported the Liberals to support them or even stay home.

Perhaps it's because folk like Bisson have been in office so long that they don't see the big picture here.

So far as everyone who isn't a partisan is concerned, political people are all the same.  The more one Party bends over backwards to make their opponents (individually or collectively) look like demons from hell, the more voters give up on the lot of them.

It's sad, because there are capable people in our Legislatures.  When they put their heads together, they're actually capable of coming up with good initiatives.  When it becomes about partisan wins, though, it's not about democratic accountability with a focus on shared solutions, it's about smear campaigns and wedge tactics.

There's a lot of contempt in Parliament these days - sadly, it appears to be directed at our system itself.

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