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Thursday 28 November 2013

Open Doors Catching Fire

That's true.  Now, skip down the article a bit...

Everyone is moving in the same direction - we'll all get there, eventually, but the question is who are the trailblazers?  Who are the ones history (and electorates) will remember as first to the top of the mountain?  

Governments (both the elected and civil service sides) can play catch-up to where others are already going, or they can take a bit of risk, think a little different and lead the way forward.

With initiatives like OpenGov, OpenData and even workplace psychological health and safety, jurisdictions in Canada are on the right track.  With super innovative, proactive and user-friendly digital support tools and services like Guardly, RealTimeCrisis and WalkAlong, we're creating value that other jurisdictions are looking to learn from.

We can get there; we just need to pull together and keep moving forward.

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