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Thursday 21 November 2013

A Healthy Society is a Conscious Society

This, fundamentally, is what open government and open data is about.  It's the purpose behind redesigning user-friendly services, changing the way information is accesses and training is received, how we do human resources, how we do work - everything.

It's a massive, structural challenge that no one leader nor organization can fathom, let alone address, on it's own.

We can go fast alone, but we can't take the world with us.  Sustainability is a shared endeavour; we can only get there by tearing down the walls and glass ceilings between us and consciously building together.

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  1. Hey Craig,

    I thought I would inquire as to if you are familiar with the research program of Sandy Pentland, directory of the Human Dynamics Lab at MIT? I'm trying to promote his "New Deal on Data" as best I can . . . ( and a 2.7 Mb PDF file: He has a book coming out in January called Social Physics . . .