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Wednesday 28 August 2013

The War Room On War: An Opportunity for Sun Media?

I doubt there's a single War-Roomer in this country who would consider themselves qualified to offer advice on conduct in combat (or conduct-after-capture, which might be the front-line military equivalent to crisis management).
Yet the idea of politics as war has proliferated in Canada, thanks largely to the influence of one man - Warren Kinsella (haven't read The War Room yet? You really should).  The role of War Room or, more politely, Strategic Operations has become an essential part of modern political campaigns.
There remains a massive difference between the standard rules of engagement in politics vs. in the theatre of war (though in both, those rules are being trampled on) but as political combat becomes more strategic and employs more and more technology, there is definitely overlap.  The need for solid messaging and counter-offensive communications measures is pretty much the same.
More to the point, Canada's political chattering class spends more time listening to folk like David Akin and Tim Powers discussing the implications of Trudeau's pot admission than they do following Al Jazeera's reportage on Syria.
I think it would be a fascinating exercise - as well as a way to draw viewers and encourage Canadians to get informed - to have some of Canada's preeminent War Roomers debate what they would do in Syria, were they in charge.  Particularly as it stands to reason some of these back-room folk will probably be adding their two cents to government strategy, anyway.
Looking to draw viewers and unafraid of generating controversy, I think Sun Media would be the right outfit to host it.

What do you think?  Would the public be interested in hearing how War Roomers would conduct an actual war?

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