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Tuesday 27 August 2013

Team Sonny Cho: What Leading By Example Looks Like

We've all heard the line: "I can work all kinds of miracles for the Riding/City/Province/Country, but only if you elect me.  You need to vote for me to make change happen."

You get the job you audition for - when you're an Opposition Leader who does nothing but oppose, you might as well get comfortable being in Opposition.  Even should you form Government, you're still gonna end up opposing things, not accomplishing them.  When a politician says "I'll do stuff if you support me," they're asking for a mandate to get support - if they were serious about effecting change, they wouldn't wait.  They'd be doing it already.

There are some great politicians out there who have walked the walk since day one.  They aren't as populous as you'd think, sadly.

Which is why I love Team Sonny Cho's idea of a community care box.  Campaigns build profile and engage citizens - why not use that focus for the betterment of your community?  There's no reason you can't chew gum and walk at the same time.  If you truly want to be a leader, lead by example - that's what will win the people and set the standard.

Full confession - I served as Sonny's Campaign Manager prior to the amazing Patrick Smith.  The Team they have assembled include some of the smartest, most creative, most dedicated and fun people I've had the pleasure to work with (and I've worked with quite a few).

I encourage the community to support the Care Box and would encourage all political candidates and sitting politicians to follow this example.  This is the kind of leadership the people of Canada deserve.
UPDATE: Not sure if any of the people who joined this campaign with the intent of walking the walk are still there.  Not sure if the community box initiative is still happening. 
Leading by example is hard, and it requires a leap of faith - but if that's what you're asking of others, surely it's worth the effort?

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