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Tuesday 2 April 2013

Show, Don't Tell: The Magic of Weta Workshops

I love great story telling.  Most of us do.  When we know we're in the hands of a great story teller, we feel comfortable going back to them again and again, knowing that each tale they tell will be filled with the same passion they won us over with in the first place.
Which is why I love Weta Workshops so much, too.  They love what they do.  They clearly enjoy sharing what they do - the visual stories they create, but also the loving effort that goes into building those stories.  They love it so much they can't help but add value to every project they undertake.
Like any great story, though, Weta's love of behind-the-scenes featurettes does more than just bring a bit more if their magic to light; it also gives us confidence in their passion for story telling.
It's brilliant marketing, this.

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