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Thursday 5 April 2012

Austerity Now - A Greek Tragedy

This poor, Greek soul isn't the first and won't be the last.  The response to austerity measures for some, when so many still have ridiculous wealth (no endeavour short of solving poverty or war is worth such sums) and minimal skin in active politics, is only going to get worse.

As the water hole shrinks, the number of sales calls (wasn't there a law about that) coming in on the phone, the dirty tricks being used to con the vulnerable to give up what they have, etc. increase.  Cries of "circle the wagons" and "with us or against us" rhetoric are going to grow louder.  So will the voices of protesters, the frustrated many as they wait for someone, anyone with enough inspiration or anger to emerge for them to rally behind.

We will see more acts of horrific violence that will be carved off as their own thing, completely removed from a broader social sickness.  We'll identify problem groups that are tantalizingly other and tell ourselves if we could wrap them up and throw them away, the same would happen to our social woes; poverty, crime, a lack of work.

It is a cycle that has repeated again and again in society, but it can be changed, if we cut the chord of history.  First, we need to cast our eyes further down the road and muse about what kind of world we want to see tomorrow.

Connectivity.  A changed social structure.  More accommodated, empowering opportunities at the bottom, making for a better labour class for the top to exploit - to less income, but leaving greater legacies.  Those that resist will be shamed, by suicides like the one in Greece or sad stories of personal horrors, or angered by massacres or brought to their knees by hordes of angry masses.  Unless they trip forward.

The Board is set for a social change of massive proportions.  All that's missing is the hand of the player. 

Or is it?

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