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Wednesday 14 March 2012

Peeling the Onion of Tony Clement

Since the G20 funding thing came to light, I've been taking a bit of a deeper look into Tony Clement and what makes him tick.  He's gregarious, free with his time and very open to direct engagement; he's also a risk-taker, sometimes when the odds are pretty demonstrably not in his favour.  From a direct back-and-forth via Twitter, I think he honestly believes he has done no wrong over funding for his riding.

Oh - and in a Harper Government that is into strict message control, he's a guy that can barely control himself from being chatty.  All around, he seems like the kind of guy who'd be interesting to have a beer and a conversation with.  Clement probably has lots of ideas rolling around in that pre-frontal cortex of his.

He's yet another example of just how much cognitive frameworks impact our daily lives, whether we choose to acknowledge the fact or not.

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