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Tuesday 13 March 2012

Guy Giorno - it's time your Party stepped up to the plate.

@SusanDelacourt @wicary Is there a difference? Please, based on your long experience in law enforcement, explain it to me.


@guygiorno @wicary So you're supplying what EC requests, not volunteering info. Do I understand that correctly?

Okay, Giorno has pissed me off.  I don’t care how smart or how experienced he is, we have here a man who seems a little too comfortable with his entitlements.  His “messaging” is, to me, the epitome of entitled, elitist bubble-dom leadership.  “I owe the public nothing, except what I’m forced to provide them” isn’t good enough.  Not when the public trust in politics in general is at stake.

Voter turnout is on a downward trend.  Globally, people have lost faith in the very fabric of our economic system.  The fact is, younger generations of Canadians have lost faith in our democracy and don’t think that the future looks bright for them, or for our country.

And in the face of this, the Federal Tories trot out lines like “Canadians don’t care” and hide behind legal definitions.  Reprehensible.

General Colin Powell has a presentation he does to business leaders, wherein he uses the following quote:

“The day soldiers stop bringing you their problems is the day you have stopped leading them.  They have either lost confidence that you can help them or conclude that you do not care.  Either case is a failure of leadership.”

If you want to source that, look it up yourself.  Or I might be willing to consider a trade, with your contribution being full, proactive disclosure to Elections Canada.  Call it good PR, if it makes you feel better.
Meantime, Mr. Giorno, go tell our Prime Minister Harper something on behalf of us non-inner circle types; the majority of the Canadian populace aren’t trained soldiers, yet even we have lost faith in government – and he is the leader of Canada’s government.  I don’t care if he deeply mistrusts Liberals or foreigners, fears Iranians or Stéphane Dion or whoever – he is paid, by us, represents each and every Canadian, not just those that vote Conservative.  It's time he starts earning his keep.  Politics is a game, sure, but the office of Prime Minister requires its occupant to step beyond their ideological inclinations and be more than the sum of their partisan parts. 

Yes, I vote Liberal and have worked for the Liberals provincially and federally (that’s what volunteering information looks like, btw), but there’s lots of improvement to be had in the Liberal Party, too.  Low voter turnout and broad democratic malaise mean there’s a systematic problem.  Robocalls, vikileaks and Anonymous are symptoms, not the cause, of this social illness.  When any Party – and people of influence like this Guy Girono fella – refuse to take responsibility for this crisis of faith, they’re adding to the problem.

I’ve no doubt that if this little rant even gets a viewing by someone maybe kinda associated with Girono or the CPC, they’ll take note of the slant, mark off potential rebuttals and file them away for future use.  They either don’t get what’s happening, here, or they simply don’t care.  Not when they’ve got a majority to run and the ongoing dominance of Canada to plan.  In either case, on the battlefield this would be considered an utter failure of leadership - a Republican himself has said as much.

Canada deserves better.  Majority in hand, it’s time for the Harper Tories to step up to the frickin’ plate.

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