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Friday, 30 October 2015

The Opposite of Consistency is Hypocricy

So, the Globe and Mail wasn't interfering with its somewhat unique endorsement of the CPC but not its leader - was shameless interfering by holding back a provincial story.

What are Lisa Mcleod's thoughts on the Post's refusing to run Andrew Coyne's column because it didn't fit with the narrative they wanted to present?  

From a partisan perspective, this all makes sense - you are supposed to cheer your side and demonize the other guys, right?  Everything they do is an affront to the nation while everything your team does is the best thing ever conceived of?

It's the role of the other parties to do the same, n'est ce pas?  Tough competition, let the people sort out where reality rests?

Thing is, for the average person all it just looks like cynical, selfish hypocrisy.  

There's a reason why public faith in public institutions - and politicians as individuals - is on the decline.  Until partisans on all sides of the fence start remember what they are elected to do - not win, but collaboratively ensure the best policy that represents the interests of all, not just your side - things are only going to get worse.


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