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Saturday 26 September 2015

Undermining Dialogue

Throw the other guy off his message, define the narrative, so on and so forth.  It's brilliant, really - because at the end of the day, no policy gets discussed, people are left with the impression all politicians are potty-mouthed, so on and so forth.

So yeah, don't talk to me about vote suppression when "black ops" gets more focus than actual dialogue does.  If you're going into politics to make your name for yourself (and let's be honest, that a good chunk of those who do)- and what's recognized and respected are the pithy remark, willingness to spout whatever attack like the Centre foists upon you if you're a candidate, and you're ability to "destroy careers" if you're not - that's what you're going to dedicate yourself to.

War Rooms are about winning by eliminating the competition.  We wonder why our democracy is in trouble.

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