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Thursday, 3 September 2015

Chris Alexander Pulls a Vic Toews

Sense some similarities?

So, what gives?  How can Minister of the Crown so shamelessly lie right into the camera and denigrate the people calling them to account?

Sadly, the answer is a simple one - as partisans (and the CPC as egregious examples of this) focus more and more of their energy on messaging, they're losing the ability to think critically.  There's no emotional intelligence in these responses; it's all pre-programmed messaging and knee-jerk aggressive reactions.  A strictly top-down society is a failed society.  

Good messaging regularly repeated can help win elections, sure, but policy isn't about winning.  It's about leadership.

That's something we desperately need right now, but none of our supposed leaders seem able to provide it.  Why?  Why does the culture favour and reward people who put self-interest before the public good?

When the answer to that question is widely accepted, we'll know exactly what needs to be done next.

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