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Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Forget Moonshot - Let's talk Boss Fights: #WOW meet #OpenGov

What Melissa is talking about here is brainstorming, solution-building at a scale that has here-to-for been impossible.  

At least, that's the case when government uses new tools in old ways, Plato's Desktop-style.

Which is why World of Warcraft is so interesting.  Forget moontshots - maybe what we need to do is look at Wicked Problems as boss fights, the big challenges we need to marshal our resources to beat but, when we do, new worlds of engagement opportunities open up for us.

Make Web Not War is already a thing - what would you call a World of Open that has a better acronym than "WoO?"  Me, I'm still a fan of Community of Civic Engagement.  

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