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Sunday, 31 May 2015

Kyber Crystals and Armageddon Weapons

This episode of The Clone Wars cartoon is an original story that fits perfectly within the Star Wars Universe.  It just happens to resemble the third act of the first screenplay I wrote for my own sci-fi epic (first draft, 1998, most recent in 2013).

More proof good ideas will keep coming up - and that an idea on paper is only worth the cost of the paper it's written on.

Stars shine like a billion candles, flickering in the absolute darkness. 
                     NARRATOR (VO)
                      (a haunting, female voice)
At the edge of space lies a desolate galaxy,
only on the edge of which can life be found. 

                CUT TO:
We see a green planet, a fragile sanctuary in the inky depths.  A shooting star falls towards its surface. 
Gentle rain falls on a limestone plain, broken by time and flora.  A river cuts through the terrain, carrying the drops of rain towards a distant ocean.

We see primitive mammalian bipeds hunt a creature akin to an ankylosaurus.  The scene feels like our palaeolithic age, but is definitely happening on an alien world.

                     NARRATOR (VO – cont’d)
On many planets life thrived, adapted, and spread.  In turn,it gave birth to knowledge, civilization and the desire to control.

We overtake the hunting scene and pass over a grassy knoll, crossing 15 millennia into the future.

Before us lies a coastal metropolis, as New York may look centuries from now.  Small craft buzz around the city’s spires.  Beyond, a vast ocean stretches to the horizon.  Waves crash gently against the shore.

One shuttle heads towards the sky, and again into the future.  We continue upwards, past the shuttle and through gathering storm cloud

                     NARRATOR (VO – cont’d)
                      (over following scene)
Some life forms would reach the stars, and there encounter others; great kingdoms were formed.  All were conquered by the Grand Emperor Shushong’deh, and merged into one vast empire.

Beyond the clouds, beyond the penumbra of the atmosphere’s rim, the sky fades to indigo, then black.  Stars wink in one by one until the heavens are filled with the shimmer of distant light.
A long, bulky spaceship rumbles into view.

                        NARRATOR (VO – cont’d)
Upon Shushon’deh’s passing, his sons battled each other for control; the empire collapsed.

The ship passes close by; it is a warship, heavily armoured, with weapons bristling along its hull.

                     NARRATOR (VO – cont’d)
Factions were formed, alliances made and broken – the Era of the Warring States had begun.

We follow the war-craft into a terrible battle in the depths of space.
Stretching into the distance, ships of widely different designs and sizes assault each other. 

Amidst the chaos, one massive Capital Ship fires on another.  Squadrons of small fighters swarm like bees, taking shots at their rivals, at the hulls of other warships.  Two massive battleships pass at close range, blast holes in each other’s hulls.  In this conflict, there are no winners.

All sound is muted by the vacuum of space. 

                     NARRATOR (VO – cont’d)
For two thousand years, the battles raged.

An ARMAGEDDON SHIP, more imposing and sinister than any we’ve seen, pierces frame.  The bow of the ship is dominated by the barrel of its terrible Weapon.

The vessel fires a powerful beam which tears through a Capital Ship like a pen through paper.  The whole ship explodes from the fissure outwards.  The blast dissipates quickly in the vacuum.

                     NARRATOR (VO – cont’d)
Terrible weapons of destruction were unleashed; whole worlds were laid to waste.  The factions realized that if they could not find peace, all they had fought for would be lost.

The detritus of battle floats in space.  In the background, the battle rages on.  The images freezes, flattens as we


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