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Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Comments on The National piece on my Grandfather and Buchenwald

  • Tricia Edgar Such a privilege to see your Grandfather on the CBC tonight. I recall you telling of the journey to remember. It was so very moving to see and hear your Grandfather's words. I am grateful for his service and dedication to peace and human rights.
  • Craig C-E Thank you Trish! That's the thing that strikes me the most about my grandpa, and all survivors. They don't forget, forgiveness is often a challenge, but not a one of them is looking for revenge. You can't see the bottom of that spire and want to stay on it.
  • Tricia Edgar So beautifully said! We owe an unspeakable debt of gratitude to your Grandpa and all the unknown heroes like him. Thank you for sharing.
  • Shannon Goodwin Birch An excellent program. What a powerful story. Thank you for drawing my attention to this this evening.
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  • Suzanne Van Bommel You must be so proud of your grandfather. What a giant of a man. Incredibly well done piece by CBC. A true Canadian hero.
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  • Erin Link Petersen Incredibly well done piece. Your grandfather is so well spoken and heartfelt in his message. I was following along with your trip through the land of Facebook and was looking forward to this piece. I was not disappointed. Next time you and your grandfa...See More
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  • Malvin Wright Thanks for the share Craig. We saw the piece last night and we were in awe. Please extend our gratitude and appreciation to your grandfather for sharing his experience.

  • Diane Hadfield this is something we should never forget .we should have all learned from this so it never will happen again.yes their is evil in this world and their is also good and good is stronger than evil just need some faith.
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  • Nancy Vail God bless you
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