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Tuesday, 23 December 2014

The Phantom Elf

Laura Pinto, a digital technology professor at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology, caused a bit of a snowstorm recently when she and Selena Nemorin -- a colleague at Australia's Monash University -- >wrote a paper suggesting that "Elf on the Shelf" may be in the service of the surveillance state.
Elf on the shelf?  Come on, that's small fry. 
Santa has been keeping his eye on us for far longer than shelf-elves have had reign over our lives. 
He knows when you are sleeping?  He knows when you're awake?  Checking lists?
Forget the Nanny State.  It's always been the Santa surveillance lurking in the backround, sneaking in chimneys - and clearly, he's in the pocket of the coal lobby.  Rumour has it he's fueled by Coke and cookies, too.
Be warned, mother's and fathers.  He's indoctrinating your children with this whole be good and be rewarded for it thing.  It undermines the foundational principles of free market capitalism.
I once had elves, but now I'm free... there are no lists on me...

It's insid