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Tuesday 2 December 2014

The Cultural Divide

- Kathryn Borel
- Scott Gilmore
The problem, according to one: we have a permissive culture that enables successful people who do bad things, so long as they don't get caught in a way that can't be buried.  The people in positions of power need to be open, accountable, introspective and empathetic.
The problem, according to the other: the people who aren't being represented by the institution are part of the problem, because they aren't stepping up.  It's all on them to mount whatever obstacles in front of them ('cause hey, we all have 'em) and get ahead in the same way as those who are successful do.  Accountability?  That's called results.  The only focus you should have is success.  Empathy is too much like trying to have it all.
I'm intentionally not positioning this as a female vs male thing, though that's an easy generalization to make.  You could use this same frame for any marginalized community.
I also don't want this to be seen as a left vs right thing, because that doesn't cover it either.  Politics is a blood sport and the way success is achieved, regardless of party, is through the same practices.
It all leads to the same place. 
Our society is fractured, because we deny it exists.  Our relationships are frayed, because we tell ourselves they don't matter.  Our future is at risk, because we're focused on the now.  None of it is sustainable.

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