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Thursday, 16 October 2014

Weathering the Storm Together

Kinsella's piece talks about political leaders; it makes sense, as that's his playground.  I'm sure we can all think of moments and individuals - even if never new their names - who reached out a hand to help a stranger in a moment of crisis.
I've never seen TTC operators better than in times of crisis.  Instead of feeling miserable at a mundane job, they feel empowered as conduits for community action - and are recognized as such.  I can remember the last big blackout in Toronto, everyone turned to whoever they could find in uniform for updates, direction, confidence.
There are big storms on the horizon - ebola could get bad.  ISIS is one of many overseas crises that are really bad already.  Then we get into infrastructure problems here, unpruned trees, leaves blown onto roads where they blog drains, etc., etc.
Forget the whole self-interest-is-the-only-interest nonsense; when we look out for ourselves only, we fail collectively.  When we work together, we transcend - and only then can we rise above.
Money in a bank account means little in a crisis.   Fancy titles mean little in a crisis.  What matters when things get ugly is leadership.
As the storm edges closer, we're going to start recognizing leadership from quarters we haven't been looking for it.

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