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Tuesday 9 September 2014

The Open Sausage: Inside #OGT14

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It's hard to believe that the end of #OGT14 draws nigh.  

Didn't seem so long ago we were seeing Richard off at Queen's Park, where it was a challenge to get permission for a pic of the gang and the OpenGov bike in front of the Legislature.  

Now, of course, #OGT14 has become a national phenomenon and is even drawing international recognition.

From humble beginnings, Richard's dream has become a reality that has gone from sleeping in a tent in a backyard to a massive Grand Bazaar at Ottawa City Hall.  Along the way, he has discovered Canada for himself and helped countless Canadians discover the power of Open Government.

This is as non-partisan as it gets.  

The Political Right believes in empowering individuals to pick up their own stick and run with it - Richard has done that.

The Political Left believes in empowering individuals with the tools they need to succeed, including equitable access and information - Richard has brought the conversation to the people from coast to coast.

What he has done, though, is as much about us as it has been about his dream.  Richard fully and truly believes in the power of Open Government to heal our democratic institutions and wants to work with government and citizens and everyone else to make it happen.

But he can't do it alone.  We have to be open to change, to collaboration and to taking the time to understand the issues and each other.  That's how it works - you can't have an Open Government without a Responsible Society.

Here's your keep behind the curtain, folks - here's what's happening at #OGT14 Ottawa from the inside. 

This is what being open is all about.

The door has been opened, you can see what we have to offer.  We'd love to see you there.

You/Wakata have been assigned Stall K in the Open Government Grand Bazaar.
You/Wakata have been assigned an 8 minute timeslot at 7:53 in the Speaker's Corner. This is during the Talk Show intermission.
The Open Government Grand Bazaar is at Ottawa City Hall, 110 Laurier Avenue West, Ottawa. The Bazaar is in Jean Pigott Hall. The Talk Show is in Andrew Haydon Hall (City Council Chambers). The doors will be open before 6PM. The start time for the Bazaar AND the Talk Show is 6:30PM

For the Speaker's Corner:  If applicable, your Speaker's Corner timeslot is above. Let your followers know! It is preferable that, as an official Speaker, you check in as soon as you arrive and arrive at the Speaker's Corner well before your timeslot. Confirm your presence with Richard Akerman (contact info below). Last Reminder: there are no power points. This will be you, a podium, a microphone, a camera and an audience. You will be facing a busy Open Government Grand Bazaar with buzz and musicians and a static video camera. While there are no power points, any other props that can be deployed and removed in a few seconds are left totally up to your imagination. Do not be afraid to make some noise! The entire Speaker's Corner segment will be taped for later webcast.

For the Grand Bazaar. If applicable, your Stall # is listed above. Let your followers know! It is a 2 x 6 table with that number taped to the surface. Remaining décor is entirely up to your imagination. Bring your own displays, banners, posters, props, pamphlets, swag ... Etc, but be aware that they will need to be free standing or on the table. There is limited electrical outlets - we will attempt to provide electricity to whomever needs it, or relocate your stall if necessary. There is public wifi. I would not recommend planning live internet demo requiring high bandwidth. It is preferable that, as an official Stall operator, you arrive well before your program start at 6:30 to allow for setup, and confirm your presence with Dan Istead (contact info below).

 The Talk Show will run in parallel. If you take in segments of the Talk Show, be aware it will be taped by Rogers TV, and it is important to enter and exit quietly.

If you haven't yet, Please visit the EventBrite page and register. Everyone, participants & presenters must register - this is mainly for crowd control. Jean Pigott Hall capacity is about 350. City Council Chambers (Andrew S. Haydon Hall) capacity is 189. Registration is brisk.

The list that follows are your key contacts for Grand Bazaar and Speakers Corner. General questions leading up to the event can be directed to Richard, Dan or myself. As Captains for Bazaar and Speaker's Corner, Dan and Richard will provide information on their segments respectively. They will manage presenter involvement and logistics coordination on event day. Organizations and Groups should ensure that all representatives who plan to be present are registered, again mainly for crowd control.

 #OGT14 Captain - Open Government Grand Bazaar - Speaker's Corner: Richard Akerman 

#OGT14 Captain - Open Government Grand Bazaar Floor: Dan Istead 

#OGT14 Ottawa City Champion: Jacques Mailloux 

 Finally - We can all play a role in PROMOTION. Anything drawing attention and new enthusiasts to the cause will help.

The event Twitter Hashtag is #OGT14. Tweet as you wish - include the EventBrite Link - use this Tiny URL: .Recommendations: Join me/us at the #OGT14 Open Government Grand Bazaar at Ottawa City Hall on Sept 16 6:30PM Register FREE
If you can, please post and share the attached Event Poster, and the EventBrite link. The Web banner can be more detailed: Join me/us at the Open Government Grand Bazaar, Speaker's Corner and Talk Show in celebration of the end of Richard Pietro's national Open Government Tour (#OGT14) at Ottawa City Hall on Sept 16 6:30PM Register FREE here: .

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