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Wednesday 30 July 2014

Why Richard Pietro Deserves Your Support

I've been in and around politics for pretty much my entire professional life.  I've supported many candidates - sadly, less than I've actually worked for.  

I'd like to think my experiences both positive and negative have given me at least a wee bit of insight into what works and what doesn't when it comes to a political campaign and a "winning" candidate.

So when I ask you to support someone I believe in, who I feel can really change our country for the better, you've got reason to wonder when the ask is coming.

Here's the thing; my guy isn't looking for donations or even votes.  He's not running for anything and, in fact, is decidedly sick of politics-as-usual.

All he wants is for you to get engaged.  He believes that we're better, stronger, more adaptable when we work together openly.

His ask isn't empty rhetoric; he asks no more than he is already doing himself.  With the Open Government on the Open Road #OGT14 tour, this fella is literally bringing the Open Government conversation from coast to coast.

My friend is gaining support for his efforts here and even internationally.  

It's not because he's got the most seasoned campaign team behind him.  He doesn't; most of the people helping him are doing something they've never done before.

It isn't because of the massive funds he's raised; Make Web Not War chipped in $10,000 as a patron and that's pretty much all there is.

No barrage of strategically planned advertising is pushing the Open Government message to its audience.

People support this fella because they believe in him, are inspired by what he says and deep down, beneath the layers of cynical sediment they agree.

Meet Richard Pietro, folks.  We're going to be hearing a lot more about him.

Or, better yet - you can be part of the Open movement.  If you're on Twitter, follow him at #OGT14.  If you're on the path of his tour (schedule found here) stop by for a listen.  

Check out Canada's Open Government Action Plan, here.

Above all else, though, get engaged.  Join the conversation, do some homework on Open Government and Open Data, question - be a catalyst.

The reason I support Richard is because he believes in us.  Hopefully, that's a team we can all get behind.

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  1. One more thing people can do: weigh in the consultations on the next Canadian Open Government Action Plan!