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Saturday 5 July 2014

The Collapse of Canada, Inc.

If a vibrant Canadian democracy, an engaged Canadian public and healthy public debate about policy were things Harper cared about, then yeah - he's have a huge problem on his hands.
But the truth is he fundamentally doesn't care about any of those things.  Harper is an ideologue who thinks anyone who opposes his way of doing things is either clueless, dangerous or some combination of both.
Only he understands the real issues facing Canada; only he knows how to fix them.  Anyone who disagrees with him needs to be ignored, shouted-down, bullied, fired or disengaged. 
If only 20% of the voting public went out to the polls, but all voted Harper, he would claim that his majority government was reflecting of Canadians' support of his way of operating.  Then, he'd clamp down harder on everyone else.
Government isn't a business, nor is democracy.  It's about community and engagement, not consumption and transaction.
They don't care - they're focus is on wins, not sustainability.  If we don't want our country to turn into North Korea, it's we citizens that need to step up our game.

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