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Tuesday 3 June 2014

The Pitfalls to Simplified Thinking

All true, but here's the rub - in a boss-driven culture, pressure is put on teams to simplify their messages, to cut out the extraneous and talk in hard numbers, not associations.  We are increasingly teaching our youth/employees to narrow their perspectives, focus on core deliverables and sell those relentlessly through repetitive messaging.

It may make for good sales, but results in poor policy.

As we continue to see from the message-driven bosses running our shows at present.

When it comes to forming associative thinking teams, it means that broad experiences, interests, expertise, motivations and talents trump narrow ones. People who like many types of foods, music, books, activities, movies, experiences, people etc. are more likely to have associative thinking advantages than those with more narrow ones. - See more at:

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