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Wednesday 18 December 2013

Think Nobody Will Notice?

The insane part is thinking, I bet no one will notice.

Well, think again.  People don't like being lied to, they don't like being condescended to and they don't like being played for chumps.  The order varies.

Whether people mind any of these things enough to react to them depends on an irrational, sub-conscious (read: limbic) cost/benefit/irrelevance analysis. 

We are less likely to care about being called pedophiles by people half-way around the world than we are to get angry if the same is said about us by someone in our social circles.  We're more likely to turn a blind eye (or even justify) the unconscionable if it's done in a manner we see as beneficial to our interests.

This works as much for dissemination as it is for reception.  That LaBeouf thought he could get away with plagiarism and didn't feel any sort of responsibility to his audience to create original material says something about his internal appreciation for those audiences. 

The same holds true for Rob Ford and his enablers.  In fact, the same holds true for much of politics.

Much, but not all.  Smart players are recognizing that, thanks to mass-exposure through social media, a social murmuration effect is being created.  People aren't just noticing, they are feeling both compelled and empowered to reactive collectively.

It's not a good time to be inauthentic, which means it's a good time for everyone.

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