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Monday 21 October 2013

Sea of Troubles Vs. Blue Ocean: A Strategic Choice

That sounds a bit like the shrinking waterhole of our current political landscape, isn't it?  Parties are more or less on side in the broad strokes; where the Conservatives North or South of the border differ from liberal Parties, it tend to be in the vein of throwing chums into the water, sacrificing a bit of red meat to appease the sharks.

If the landscape is not to your advantage, you change venues.  Why die atop a hill when you can turn around and fight down a valley?  This is the politics of value add - creating new things and building a track-record that establishes trust in your ability to keep bringing the people the something new they crave.

Threatening your populace by hanging "there be monsters beyond" signage on your firewalls implies the world is finite; it makes people hunker down, store their goods and dig out their pitchforks.  It's not a good strategy for long-term sustainability, social or economic.

When you throw down the walls, establish some common ground as a starting point and highlight the blue skies beyond, all it does is take a bit of encouragement and a lot of example setting to encourage the people to fly.

When you're in love, my how they fly

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