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Wednesday 18 September 2013

If Sun Tzu could sing:

I love performing talent, more than anything else.  Powerful singing, evocative dancing, acting that completely transforms a person and tranports an audience - theatre is magic.  When you find the triple, quadruple threats, sit back and allow yourself to be swept away with sheer delight.

Which is why this video of Christina Bianco singing Total Eclipse of the Heart made my morning.  Not only does she sing, beautifully - she brings a knowledge, a respect for her peers and the capacity to in the blink of an eye transform voice, body language and even the words she utters.  That passion, raw talent and irresistible sense of control Bianco brings to bear that draws you in to the community of her performance.  

As spectators and participants both, we are willing to place ourselves in our hands because she so clearly demonstrates a love of what she does, a respect for her source material and through the value she provides, respect for us, her captive audience.

There's a valuable lesson in this for anyone charged with leading people.

And if you like impressions, here's another one of my favourites from another master performer.

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