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Monday 19 August 2013

Mapping the Future of Government Services (UPDATED)

Traditionally, government has done a terrible job of presenting information - lists in silos rather than maps in systems.

I have suggested that it's possible to do better by designing service presentation in a way that's intuitive for end-users.

Glad to see someone's listening.

UPDATED: Better than listening - it's nice to see people responding, too.  There are more such initiatives out there, too.  It's a Bold New World...

UPDATED-ER: Maps, yes, but if there's way to bring data to life, that's even better.  People relate to images and motion better than they do to static, highly-contextualized symbols (like letters or numbers) on a page.

Love the fact that so many people are looking for ways to bridge the gaps between us, and between our information.  After all, it's through understanding is the place where diversity meets and innovation happens, creating that better world we all crave.

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