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Wednesday 31 July 2013

Sun News Limbic Response #10, #12 and #15

It's apparent that Conservatives think differently than Liberals do (meaning the reverse is equally true).  There are a multitude of factors both genetic and experiential that lead to these differences of opinion.  16 peer-reviewed studies have demonstrated how these differences manifest themselves physiologically.
I've taken the liberty of posting the cited conclusions pertinent to this SUN article below:
10. Conservatism is focused on preventing negative outcomes, while liberalism is focused on advancing positive outcomes.
12. Compared to liberals, conservatives are less open to new experiences and learn better from negative stimuli than positive stimuli.
15. When faced with a conflict, liberals are more likely than conservatives to alter their habitual response when cues indicate it is necessary.
Forgive us, lord, we know not consciously what we do.  Then again - we can only perform with the tools you gave us.

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