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Wednesday 17 July 2013

Life is Like a Box of Cheerios

This is a powerful commercial that has sparked a huge swath of controversy.  Why?  Because it bursts the bubble of illusion many frightened people live in - the illusion that the world is stagnant and that traditions are inviolate.  Blame not these people for their fear - it is beyond their conscious control.  Until, that is, it isn't.
Meanwhile, Cheerios has done the right thing - reflecting the tone and resetting the conversation to address head-on the taboos that hold us back.  They will benefit from this, too, in the same way businesses that have taken a stand for gay marriage have.  It's a new form of conscious capitalism, with the private sector leading the way on social issues as a way to build market share, but doing the right thing at the same time.
Things have changed.  Diversity is slowly being viewed not as a threat to supremacy of one group over another, but as an opportunity for growth.
Diversity = strength.
Watch the video and the next generations comments on it here.


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