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Tuesday 7 May 2013

Killing Organized Labour, Creating Unaccountable Monsters

This is the thing that drives me bonkers.  The political right is taking aim at duly elected and accountable institutions (and if they argue that's not the case about unions, that's a bit of the pot calling the kettle black).  

They're scaling back on justice for issues they don't think matter and focusing on heavy-handed tactics for worst offenses - what they see as worst offenses, at any rate.  Organized Labour and Social Justice organizations have always given voice to those without power in our system.  That's the voice Team Harper is trying to stifle.

What happens when you cut the knees out from under organized labour?

You get social media activism.  Then, you get protest movements like Occupy and Idle No More.  Then you end up with Anonymous.  

Notice the trend line?  

The more pressure government places on accountable, public organizations, the deeper underground they send resistance.  In these days of social media and hacking, that's a lot of power landing in the hands of people unaccountable to anyone.  We all know what happens under mob rule.

By clamping down on organized labour, Team Harper and co aren't starving the beast - they're creating a monster. 

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