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Thursday 21 March 2013

The Return of Charm to Canadian Politics

Kathleen Wynne is as sincere, open and straight-forward as they come. It's an approach that requires courage, patience and endurance.  It's also one that impresses - and succeeds.

Alison Redford has clued in to the value of the conversation, too - she's actively wooing the press and stakeholders by being more human, more accessible, more forthright.

Stephen Harper, however, remains the exact opposite - aloof, contemptuous of opponents and uninterested in chit-chat with the press, the provinces or anyone he can't control, for that matter.

Given the rise of the pro-social politician, can Harper maintain the distant disdain? Or will Steven Sweatervest be making a return?

Also worth noting - there's a subtle shift happening in politics away from the obstructionist, target-a-few, pick-fights-with-the-rest mentality towards, again, something more conversational and collaborative. 

Interesting, is all.

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