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Wednesday 14 November 2012

Canada's Opportunity: Collaborative Politics, Shared Success

Of course not.  Nobody does - that's why we work together.  Including with Opposition Parties in Parliament.

See, when all of your energy and resources are being spent on partisan wins rather than social issues, everyone loses.  Live together, die alone, etc.  You gotta have a little faith in your fellows.

So, now that you're asking, here are some ideas that need to be moved on:

- increased support for life-long learning that makes it easier to foster flexible workers and innovative thinkers

- a centrally coordinated mental health strategy that takes a serious look at the impacts of mental health on work - we are moving in to a knowledge economy, after all

- redefine Canada's international role to be what we have always been the best at - the world's diplomat

- oh, and diversify the economic portfolio by drilling more into innovation, not just oil - the former will have a much healthier life span.

That's a start.  I'm always happy to chat more and make connections with some of the Islands of Excellence developing tomorrow's solutions; nothing makes me happier than being the stone in the soup.

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