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Friday 19 October 2012

RIP Lincoln Alexander

Lots of people knew him affectionately as "Linc." I couldn't imagine calling him anything other than sir, something I reserve for people that I respect enormously. Lincoln Alexander fit that bill to a tee. He was a ground-breaker, a man of conviction and compassion - he was a wonderful human being.

Last time I saw him was leaving a Raptors' game, making his way along in his electric wheelchair. I felt compelled to say hello and tell him how much I respected him. He brushed all that off, told me not to call him sir, and asked how I liked the game. I told him it had been a great night.

I'm not sad at his passing - Mr. Alexander led a full life and leaves behind a legacy to be proud of. I guess I'm just grateful that we all had the fortune to be blessed by his contributions.

Rest in peace, Mr. Alexander - you've earned it.

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