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Wednesday 10 October 2012

Huawei: The New Business As Usual

Interesting, this.  Espionage is being compared to terrorism in terms of a threat to the future prosperity of Canadians.  I would think that Stephen Harper would commend Huawei for their initiative.  After all, aren't we looking for more firms to pick up some economic slack?  Better yet, Huawei (and China behind it) are being competitive.  They are pushing the envelope of what's acceptable, doing what it takes to get ahead of the competition - much like Harper's Conservatives.
The Conservatives must look to China with envy.  While they're stuck with small-time shenanigans like the Cotler calls run through penny-anny operators like Campaign Research, Inc. China is playing with massive telecoms firms and landing huge domestic wins from industrial espionage.  They're way ahead of Harper when it comes to building influence in Africa.    While Harper's stuck putting special interest groups he doesn't like on watch lists, China gets to be really tough on their internal foes.
China is playing exactly the same game the Harper Conservatives want to play, only they aren't encumbered by periodic elections, Budgetary Watchdogs or pesky reporters.  This gives them the luxury to be more ruthless, plan further ahead and do whatever it takes strategically to win.  China therefore also provides us with a window into what Canada might look like down the road if submitted to perpetual Conservative governments.  
If this is the game we truly want to play, it would be wise for everyone - especially our government - to consider the risks that come with it.

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