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Saturday 4 August 2012

The Foundation of Canada's Future ?

Warren Kinsella's a pretty astute political observer.  He's also a pretty shrewd political player; he understands the strategic value of laying track, although he might not be familiar with the baseline reasoning of why it works.  So, when Kinsella lays out a possible scenario for Canada's future, it's not hard to tell where his interests lie - but you also can't dismiss his insight as just partisan wishful thinking either.

There is validity to each of his points; Team Harper would be wise to give them some consideration.  What can Harper do to make sure he cuts off at the pass a scenario that sees the end of his Party and the undermining of his legacy within his lifetime?

By fulfilling a commitment he's already made, one that appeals deeply to Quebecers and that has resonance nationwide.  Heck, if he does this, Harper could be assured of a legacy that lasts for generations.

Stephen Harper is as capable of reading the tea leaves as anyone.  The question is, how far ahead is he thinking - and how bold is he willing to be?  If the answer is "not very," then perhaps someone else will be.

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