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Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Office Politics:You Get What You're Looking For

How often do we hear someone say "politics is a bloodsport" or that "it's a dog eat dog world" out there?  Why is that when we fixate on troubles lapping at our shores, we seem to find foes aplenty?  When we act like pit bulls, why are there always more fights to be fought?  Why do control freaks or micromanagers always have justification that their direct influence is necessary to keep staff in line?  Heck, why is it that when we're convinced we're right, everyone who disagrees with us just seems unable to see our truth?
It's really not that hard - the world as we see it is a reflection of what's happening in our own head space.  If you've just lost the love of your life, the world can seem a grim place.  If you're going on a date with your dream partner, it can seem a place brimming with butterflies of opportunity.  Of course, if you're drunk, over-caffeinated or even sleepy, those states change how you see the world, too. 

That's what anger, fear, hope, despair, desperation, rage, ambivalence are - chemically induced states.  If you have a mood disorder, anti-anxiety or anti-depressant medications change your moods chemically.  Environmental changes (a walk in a park, playing music, etc) or conscious changes (exercise, thinking happy thoughts, etc) do the same thing to a lesser degree.  If you speak a few languages/have experience of different cultures, you'll note how those external/internalized factors change perspective, too.

The worlds we experience are literally shaped by our own, ever-changing human lenses.  When we're conscious of this, we can manage that experience. 

Self-control?  Consciousness?  Awareness?

Tell me those aren't things worth looking for.

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