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Saturday 28 April 2012

Indentured Servitude is NOT an Employment Strategy

Expect to see messaging like this crop up if Team Harper goes ahead with their plan to promote indentured servitude of foreign workers.

Human Resources Minister Diane Finley made the break specific this week when she announced that Ottawa will now let employers pay temporary foreign workers less than Canadians.

Are the Conservatives really that blind to the consequence of their actions, or are they so callous as to want to piss off Canadians against foreigners so that they'll be more likely to vote with their gut for extremist Parties?

This is what Capitalism does in the Global Village - wages don't go up, they trickle down to whoever will take less pay. In this case it's foreign workers - the same foreign workers that Tim Hudak railed against during the last provincial election. I can tell you from reactions at many doors, people are just frustrated and angry enough to believe that message.

By encouraging indentured servitude and telling Canadians to take lower-paying jobs or else, the Harper Tories are piling on the kindling. Tensions are already on the rise in Canada; this is going to make it a hell of a lot worse. With the dollar rising (thanks partly to Harper's push on Alberta Oil) the cost of living isn't going down - yet Jim Flaherty thinks Canadians should work for less or be left with nothing? I have images of the Grapes of Wrath in my head.

Those who had and now find themselves without will look for scapegoats - that's human nature. The Hard Right politicians and would-bes in this country (Wild Rose, I'm looking at you) will make it clear who they think is the problem - urban, special interest groups, foreigners. It's wedge politics at its worst and could lead to social collapse.

Harper used to wax on about trouble lapping at our shores; now, he's doing a hell of a job to foster them right here at home.

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