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Thursday 2 February 2012

Why you should check out Verona Communications, Inc.

-       Megan McIver, President, Verona Communications

Having worked in and around the political circuit since 2005, I’ve had the privilege of working with and learning from some wickedly talented people.  Megan is one of them.  It is rewarding to see good folk build their skills and crystalize their talent, particularly under the frequently brutal Thunderdome that it is politics. 
It’s also interesting to see what approaches they take upon leaving QP, as these folk frequently end up in trend-setting advocacy or Government Relations/Public Relations positions post-politics.  Emotion and emotional influence are core staples of political and advocacy planning, so their inclusion in Megan’s piece makes sense.  What I think stands out here is that Megan hasn’t stopped with an intuitive understanding of emotion, but dug deeper, seeking to truly comprehend the neurological mechanisms of emotion.  She's exploring the internal and external factors that manipulate how we feel - and how those feelings manipulate us.
It’s wise to keep an eye on rising stars like Megan; their embracing of terms like cognitive function, synaptic pruning and limbic, reactive behaviour is a precursor to the language we'll all be using tomorrow.  As marketers are already peering into the recesses of our mind to understand more efficient ways to convince us to consume their products, it's in our general interest to wrap our heads, so to speak, around the mental connections between emotion and thought.

If we don't understand ourselves, we're at the mercy of those who do.

When we understand ourselves and each other, anything is possible.  

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