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Monday 9 January 2012

Stephen Harper, Social Darwinist

Stephen Harper is a victim of basic evolutionary drive; he believes in dominance and competition as the means by which the strongest emerges at the top.  It’s called “selection of the fittest.” He believes in divide-and-conquor in Parliament, divide-and-conquor when it comes to the provinces, divide-and-conquor when it comes to ideologies, social groups, etc.  His Conservative cousin Tim Hudak took this exact same ideology a step further with attacks on “foreign” workers and students during the recent Ontario election.

What the Right-Wing doesn’t understand is that competition isn’t about strength, it’s about eliminating the weak.  Think about it; being anti-public education is about reducing equal learning opportunities when knowledge and training CLEARLY provides an advantage in society.  Being anti-public healthcare is about reducing general access to medicine and treatment, which will invariably mean more sickness which, if anyone has forgotten is frequently contagious.

Creating a new level of competition within the Senate does the exact same thing on the top-end of the organizational scale, reducing its efficacy and, carried through, leads to the dismantling of democratic governance entirely.  This is a trend AWAY from where civilization has put us – increased collaboration and innovation through diversity; broadly accessible healthcare that results in healthier, longer-lived individuals; public education that fosters social cohesion and productivity.  That’s what happens in society – people have improved quality-of-life outcomes and end up producing less, but better enabled, offspring.

The grand irony in the Right Wing here or in the US as claiming to be the party of Christian Conservatives is that every behaviour they adopt proves Darwin right. 

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