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Sunday 22 January 2012

It's Ragtime in Politics

A brilliant take on where politics in Canada and elsewhere is headed; those who seize the trend first will be the biggest winners, but if my analysis is correct, that win really is going to translate more broadly into social benefit.

Politics is like music, or products - there are eras of the tune that rise and fall, with only the enduring bits carrying on to inform what comes next.  Ragtime is my favourite example because the rise, fall and transition of Ragtime into Jazz and beyond beautifully mirrors the change of an era:

"It was the music
Of something beginning,
An era exploding,
A century spinning
In riches and rags,
And in rhythm and rhyme.
The people called it Ragtime..."

We're at the beginning of such an era of change now: listen to that Ragtime, indeed.

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